We are excited to announce that we have secured new funding from ALF, the state-funded research program for clinical research in collaboration with Swedish regions. The grant has been awarded to Gunnar Cedersund, the coordinator of STRATIF-AI, for a project titled “Implementation and Evaluation of a Digital Twin-Based eHealth Application for Preventive Health Dialogues.”

This project is directly linked to Clinical Study 2 within STRATIF-AI, which assesses our application designed for use during and after preventive health dialogues at primary healthcare centers. In this study, we will compare standard clinical practice with 300 health dialogues incorporating the new app.

With this additional funding, we can enhance app development and expand the clinical study to include 400 patients. The project will span three years, with an annual budget of 900,000 SEK, totaling approximately 3 million SEK (around 300,000 EUR). This support will significantly bolster our efforts in the field of preventive healthcare.