This spring, we welcome a new student in our group: Thirza Poot


spring, I finished my third year of the Engineering Biology study program at
Linköping University with a bachelor’s project within systems biology. After
this, I decided to take a break from the study program in Linköping to study in
Vienna for the winter semester 2016. Recently, I returned to Sweden, and have
decided to join ISB group for another project within system’s biology!

In the
bachelor’s project, I worked with two models regarding glucose concentrations
in critically ill patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). This
semester, I will instead work with models regarding the interplay between non-esterified
free fatty acids (NEFA), glucose, and insulin, and their connection to obesity
and type 2 diabetes. The goal is to also investigate if and how these models
can be adapted to the ICU.