After taking almost 1.5 year Biomedical Engineering Master program here in Linkoping University, it is a new journey for me to join the ISBgroup to do my Master Thesis work. Differing from the daily courses I took before, working with people in ISBgroup is a brand new experience, the whole atmosphere is relaxing while they have a very precise attitude on academy.

Now I am working on the Multi-level modeling project which has very little in common with the knowledge I had before. However, it doesn’t become a problem due to the help from a two-week pre-course where some background information and basic skills were taught. Gunnar is the lecturer of that course and after taking it, I know it will be a very interesting period of time for me to work with this project and the people in ISBgroup.

My Master thesis started around the middle of the February and I’ll work on it for 4 to 5 months, with the help and cooperation with all ISBgroup members, the following time will be full of challenge and fun!