It is my pleasure to announce that two projects which has modellers from the systems biology core facility involved has been chosen as this years flagship projects for CMIV (Center for Medical Image science and Visualisation). One is the SAND:MAN project, in which we are modelling the neurovascular coupling that is the link between the neuronal activity of the brain and the signal measured in an MRI scanner when we study the activity of the brain. This will give us a deeper understanding of how the brain works and how the neuronal signalling changes in different diseases and disorders of the brain.

The other project is the non-invasive liver biopsy (NILB) project in which we models how contrast fluid travels through the liver and how that differs between healthy persons and patients who have liver disease. This model is being developed into a tool that will help medical doctors make better diagnosis for their patients.

The flagship projects were presented at a seminar on the 29th of February at CMIV. The third flagship project is the Seeing Organ Function project, which is also connected to the SAND:MAN project.

All the new flagship projects will soon be featured with a more in depth presentation on the front page of the CMIV webpage.