We have published an opinion paper in Interface Focus:

for multi-level systems pharmacology models to reach end-usage: the case of
type 2 diabetes

In the paper, we present an analysis of the current
situation where mathematical modeling steadily becomes more and more
appreciated as a tool in biomedical research and in drug development projects.
However, there are still major issues to overcome before modeling can become
one of the mainstream tools in such projects, and even more so before modeling
can be used directly in the actual treatment of patients. We review current
state-of-the-art models in diabetes research and address the most important
issues to overcome before such models can be used in drug development and in
the clinic.

We involved authors from AstraZeneca, Uppsala University,
and Eindhoven Technical University with competences reaching from disease
progression modeling, to mixed-effect PKPD modeling in the field of diabetes to
get a broad take on the subject. The paper is part of a theme issue The
Human Physiome: a necessary key to the creative destruction of medicine

organized by Stig W. Omholt and Peter Hunter from the Virtual Physiological
Human institute.