Two new students are joining us this summer. Here is their introduction:



Our names
are Erik and Martin and we are working here at the ISB-group over the summer.
We thought that it might be appropriate to tell you about who we are, and what
we are working with!

We are both
students here at Linköping University, studying engineering in biotechnology. We
have both just finished our third year and completed our Bachelor’s project
together under the supervision of Gunnar.

During the
summer, we will continue with the bachelor’s project in cooperation with
AstraZeneca. The project revolves around creating and evaluating a mathematical
model over how the maturation of macrophages can be regulated, and throughout
this, be able to control the immune response in the immune system. If we were
able to control the immune response we could for example limit the symptoms of
auto immune diseases, in which there usually is a too high pro inflammatory