My name is Jonna and I am a Dutch student doing my
internship at the ISB group. I will be staying in Sweden to work on this
project for 3 months. Back home I am a master student in the Medical
Engineering program of Eindhoven Universtity of Technology. This externship is
the final part of my master studies.

Previously I have done most of my projects on
bioinformatics/data analysis so I am very excited to learn more about the
systems biology modeling techniques. This project is a great opportunity to
gain more modeling experience. During my
time here I will be working on modeling the liver.

In my free time I like to swim and explore the city/area a
bit since I am new in town. I’ve spent many of my holidays in Scandinavia (mostly
Sweden) so I am very happy to be living here for a few months. I have had a
part-time job in a swimming pool where I received my first aid certificate,
which I used my first morning in Linköping during helping a patient in the
street after a traffic accident in the city center. So my time in Sweden
started out quit hectic, hopefully that is not a precursor to how the coming
months will be.

I am looking forward to meeting all group members and working
on the project within the ISB group.