During Feb 14 and 15, 2024, we at ISBgroup at Linköping University (LIU) had a few visitors, who joined us for an interactive 2-day workshop on UX-design for our stroke Prevention App development. The Prevention app is developed jointly between Linköping University (LiU) and Z2, as part of the STRATIF-AI Horizon-Europe project (stratif-ai.eu), and it is meant for both primary and secondary stroke prevention. Primary prevention will be done in Region Västerbotten and Region Östergötland, and it involves a so-called Health Dialogue. A Health Dialogue is preceded by measurements of traditional risk factors (blood pressure, blood lipids, fasting glucose, etc), which are discussed together with e.g. a specialized nurse or a physiotherapist. Our app will use digital twins to help explain why a person should care about these risk factors, and how they can change their lifestyle (e.g. exercise more, eat less, take certain medications, etc), to improve the risk factors. Based on this information, the patient then sets some goals, to improve their lifestyle, to reduce one or several of the risk factors. These goals are then worked further on together with a coach and dedicated support-group. Also this subsequent coaching-period will be supported by the app, which thus provides a bridge between traditional healthcare actors, and those not normally integrated in healthcare: coaches, personal trainers, support groups. etc.

During the 2 days workshop, we did various role playing exercises, whiteboard and post-it note sketches, which then will be converted to Figma implementations, which then lead to new user tests, etc. From Z2, we have Jesper Fellenius, who has developed the backend for the personal data vault, where the data are stored, and who also has developed a prior prototype for a similar app, which we re-use. From LIU, we have Dr Gunnar Cedersund, Dr Dirk de Weerd, and M.Sc. student Greta Nilsson, who work with the app development. From Region Östergötland (RÖ), we have MD student Johanna Levander and MD specialist Valentin Kindesjö, who represent clinical needs. Apart from these, we also have Johan Holmsäter and Mats Janson, who represent Lev Skönare and coaching and wellbeing partners, who also are connected to STRATIF-AI.