This is the first entry in our new home page experiment: a group blog!

Right now, there are many things going on, and here is a short summary of some of the most exciting things.

– At Linköping university we are arranging an all day symposium on systems biology on Wednesday Sept 30. It is for and with all scientists working with systems biology at the university, and at the least 15 groups at ~10 different institutions are represented. I think that it is really cool that so many groups are already working with systems biology, and we hope that the day will be a success, leading to for instance the formation of University-wide network, a regular and joint seminar-series/Ph.D. course with internal and external lecturers, and the arrangement of a first edition of Linköping Conference of Systems Biology. More info here.

– Last week I was in Warwick, UK, and gave a lecture

Sound identification and model merging when studying type 2 diabetes
on our projects at the MOAN break-out session at the International Conference for Complex Systems. Here is more information.

– A few weeks ago four of us (I, Cecilia Brännmark, Rikard Johansson, and Elin Nyman) went to the International Conference of Systems Biology at Stanford, USA. It was a very inspiring time, and we were happy to note that our group had the biggest Scandinavian representation at the conference, which is cool since this is the biggest conference in the field. We four presented one posters each, and I also had one with prof George Verghese from MIT. Here are links to the posters: 1,2, 3, 4, 5.

– On the way back I stayed a few days in Boston, and worked together with George Verghese on join matters. I also visited some other groups, and gave a guest lecture at Merrimack, which is a very cool company since they have almost completely integrated System Biology in their drug and anti-body development pipeline.

That’s all for now – please check in again later and see how our work and home page is progressing! smiley