These last few weeks, I (Gunnar) have been almost completely buried under some high-maintainance application writing. Last week there was the deadline for submitting to CENIIT. This was stimulating as it marked the expansion of our group to the technical faculty, which is where I come from scientifically, and where I want to have and am establishing a strong second foot; in particular regarding methods for system identification.

Today, however, there was an even bigger deadline: to the FP7. It was a major network application, involving some 20 partners, 5 pharmaceutical companies, 12 MEuro, etc etc. It turned out very nice in the end, but keeping in contact with that many people is quite exhausting. Scientifically it was based on a continuation of Elin’s pilot study, extending the Dalla Man model to a multi-scale model also incorporating biochemical details.

Otherwise on the news front, Siri Fagerholm defended her mid-Ph.D. report last week (October 21).

When looking forward it is time to fix with the final arrangements so that we can launch the seminar-series associated with the Linköping Centre for Systems Biology, which should start in some 3 weeks or so. It is also time to start preparing in detail for next years edition of the Project course in Systems Biology….!

And it will be reaally nice to at last have time to do some science and supervision again! 🙂