We have just published a new paper, which is now available online here, and the citation details are as follows:

Zooming of states and parameters using a lumping approach including
back-translation, Mikael Sunnaker, Henning Schmidt , Mats Jirstrand and Gunnar Cedersund BMC Systems Biology 2010,
4:28, doi:10.1186/1752-0509-4-28

It is the first of a series of papers coming out from us concerning zooming, i.e., the ability to switch between two versions of the same model – one large and one small – where both models describe the same system, and where there is a mapping between the states and parameters in the two different models.

Such zooming may be useful in many situations. One example is in object-oriented modelling, where differently detailed models can easily be replaced for each other as one switches focus of interest. Another important application is when the reduced model is identifiable, i.e. where all its predictions are uniquely identified from the given data. In this case the zooming allows for the addition of interpretation to the reduced entities (states or parameters), and this is the ultimate step in the creation of a core-box model.

There will be several follow-up papers on this paper. In one of these, we extend the results to a certain type of non-linear systems. In another paper, we concern ourselves with the mapping between two general models, i.e., where the smaller model has not been obtained using model reduction. And in a third paper, we will show how the creation of a zoomable, hierarchical, whole-body model for glucose homeostasis can reveal new insights and improvements regarding our cellular experimental system for studying insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

So look forward to this! smiley