2011 was an eventful year for us, when many things happened. Here are a few of the main highlights:

* In June, we arranged a series of three workshops on systems biology: on conclusions despite uncertainties, on multi-level modelling of type 2 diabetes, and an internal one regarding systems biology at Linköping University

* We had quite a few students who finished their Master Theses: Robert Palmér, Mikael Forsgren, Ulrike Munzner, Fianne Sips, Karin Lundengård, and Linnea Järvstråt. All of these are now working with systems biology at various places out in the world.

* The new full-time professor Mikael Benson has started. He is a professor in clinical systems biology.

* Our two guest-professors Jens Timmer and Hiroaki Kitano has started their employments

* We attended the ICSB (International Conference on Systems Biology, in Heidelberg) with a large attendence. We had some 10 posters, and equally many participants, from Linköping; Gunnar Cedersund gave a presentation; and Mikael Benson arranged a spin-off event.

* In Dec of 2011 we arranged a new workshop. This time with the themes: Hierarchical modelling, Decision-support in clinical practice, Type 2 diabetes, and Liver diseases.

* On multi-level modelling of type 2 diabetes, we also got published one of our most important papers yet: describing the linking between intracellular mechanisms and whole-body glucose homeostasis.

* I was awarded a VR-FoAss, which is a position financed by the Swedish Research Council. It is a relatively high-status position (<8% success rate), and it allows me to act a little bit more independently of my joint group with Peter Strålfors. I have therefore started the process of dividing away part of my time to IMT (currently 40%), the neighbouring department on biomedical engineering. IMT is situated a few meters away from my IKE group with Peter, i.e. still at the hospital campus (HU), but it is formally located within the technical faculty, and is mostly populated by engineers. From here, I can and plan to start building up a more independent modelling environment.