As a Medical Informatics student from the Netherlands, I will do an internship project for 4,5 month at ISB Group. I arrived just three weeks ago and I already feel at home both at ISB Group and Sweden in general (as you can see in the photo).

My background consists of three years of Medicine bachelor (in Rotterdam, NL) and three years of Medical Informatics bachelor (Amsterdam, NL). I switched from my first to my second bachelor, because I missed the technical challenge a lot. This internship will lead to a thesis that will conclude the last-mentioned bachelor.

The project I am doing at ISB Group consists of the making of an advanced model for the prediction of cardiovascular disease in diabetes patients. Hopefully this predictive model will become more accurate and adaptive to the individual patient than existing models. In order to achieve this, a Bayesian network will be used, instead of the more common regression analysis.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the months here in Sweden! Luckily there are lots of activities for internationals in Linköping, which you can also visit if you’re not in an official exchange program like me.