I already joined the
ISB group last summer, but left in late August to travel some of the countries in Southeast Asia. A couple of months have now passed and I have now returned to
the office for another 5 months.

I first got
into contact with the group during my Bachelor’s thesis last year, where I was
part of a two-man team of Engineering Biology students who did a project
regarding adiponectin release in fat cells. I then applied for an internship at
ISB-group, got accepted and started in June 2015.
Since then I have been working with the minimization of a previously created mathematical
model aimed at describing the desensitization of G protein-coupled β2 adrenergic
receptors which are crucial
for heart muscle contraction.

As I
already stated, I took a break from science and my studies for 4 months to travel
in Southeast Asia. There, my days were spent with things like hiking through
the rice fields in the mountain regions of northern Vietnam, joining a Muay-Thai
training camp in Thailand, scuba diving and of course relaxing by various
beaches throughout the region.
Although last year was an amazing experience I
could not be more thrilled to be back at ISB group to continue with my project and
hopefully reach more satisfying results than I did last summer.

If you like
to know more about me, meet me, poke me, see me or speak with me about anything you want – then come
find me during working hours at Gunnar’s office at floor 13.

(Here is a
picture of me feeding a monkey)