I’m Tim
Beishuizen, a Dutch student at Eindhoven, University of Technology. Currently I
am doing a dual master’s program Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science
and Engineering. At the ending of my Bachelor Biomedical Engineering I was
wondering what to do in my Master phase. My interests were broad and so I
finally chose to study three more years in a combination of two masters.

After searching
a good place to have an internship, I came in contact with Gunnar Cedersund and
the ISB group. Soon after we agreed on a project for my internship I came to
Linköping and started the project. The project is a continuation of the Markus
Karlsson’s Master’s Thesis. It is about creating simplified models of more
complex models to reduce complexity and computation time, also known as
metamodeling. I particularly focus on partial least squares regression in
combination with non-linear mixed effects to retrieve the best results.

Aside from
the project I am in Linköping to see something from Sweden as well. I haven’t
been in Sweden before and would like to experience what it has to offer. Taking
a break from life in The Netherlands, I can meet new people and find out the
Swedish living style.