As part of the collaboration with ”Forska Utan Djurförsök” (The Swedish Fund for Research without Animal Experiments), ISB group is going to Almedalen in July. Almedalen is the biggest political event of the year in Sweden, and Gunnar Cedersund has been invited to participate in two events:

* Monday July 3, 13-14.30 in Maltfabriken. Then Gunnar and a few others will give short initial presentations, followed by a panel debate with politicians, and ended with some hands-on tutorials, by some of the students from ISBgroup. If you want to try to simulate our own models for diabetes, you should come then. (link to more info)

* Thursday July 6, 10-11.30 in Maltfabriken. Then a short introduction will be followed by a longer session with hands-on testing, not only regarding mathematical models but also regarding other experimental alternatives to animal experiments. The focus then is on chemicals and cosmetics testing (involving e.g. the qsar model). (more info)

Apart from these two events, Forska utan djurförsök will also have a final opportunity to come and talk with them on Friday July 7, at 10-11.30 in Maltfabriken. This will be a more informal event, with the opportunity to come and talk and have coffee with people who know a lot about these issues (link).

Karin for ISBgroup