We are now in the middle of preparing for (hopefully) four workshops to take place here in Linköping in the period of June 17-23.

One of the reasons for these workshops is that we want to make use of our newly recruited guest professors Hiroaki Kitano and Jens Timmer, by having some of the most important international players come here and discuss some vital issues with us. Kitano is one of the world-leading players in model construction (e.g. by being the founder of CellDesigner, the most widely used software in the field), and he has also recently moved into hierarchical modelling, which is the topic of one of the workshops. Similarly, Jens Timmer heads one of the leading groups of sound data-analysis approaches to systems biology modelling, including the handling of uncertainty in data; this is the topic of another workshop. The third workshop comes from a network that we are forming on multi-level hierarchical modelling of type 2 diabetes, and the final workshop is meant for us in the Linköping Centre for Systems Biology.

More information on all these workshops can be found here

So, welcome to Linköping in June! 🙂