On June 1, our annual project course – the Bachelor’s course for the ~30 students in Engineering Biology, TBMT33 – is having its final presentation day. This is a good chance to get a quick overview of existing projects within ISBgroup, and to see some of the different ways that mathematical modelling can be used as an integrated tool in experimental and clinical research. The schedule of the day is as follows.

All presentations in Linden, Campus US
8.15-9: Master Thesis presentation, “Quantitative translation of drugs’ effects on type 2 diabetes mellitus: from diabetic rodent models to patients”, Philip Blomström. Supervisors: Elin Nyman and Monika Sundqvist, Project done at AstraZeneca

9.15-9.45 “Intracellular insulin signalling and mechanisms of adiponectin release”. Supervisor: Rasmus Magnusson. Collaborating groups: Peter Strålfors (IKE), Cecilia Brännmark (Gothenburg Univ).
9.45-10.15 “Improvement of a Mathematical Liver Model for Diagnosis and Surgical Planning”, Supervisor: Markus Karlsson. Collaborating group: Peter Lundberg (IMH/CMIV)

10.15-10.30 Break

10.15-10.45 “Multi-level and multi-time scale modelling of glucose homeostasis disorders: monitoring in ICU and obesity drug simulations”
Supervisor: Andrea Hjelm. Collaborating groups: Peter Strålfors (IKE), Peter Gennemark (AstraZeneca), Folke Sjöberg (IKE)

10.45-11.15 “Modelling the BOLD response in fMRI”
Supervisor: Karin Lundengård. Collaborating group: Maria Engström (IMH/CMIV), Fredrik Elinder (IKE)

11.15-11.45 “Understanding desensitization – by examining cardiac myocytes and sensory neurons”
Supervisors: William Lövfors and Rikard Johansson. Collaborating groups: Jordi Altimiras (IFM), Claudio Altafini (ISY)

12-13 Poster presentations of all projects outside of Berzelius.

Questions and more info: Gunnar Cedersund, gunnar.cedersund@liu.se

Welcome! 🙂