Almedalen is Sweden’s without a doubt biggest socio-political event. All of Sweden’s top politician’s are there, as are all major media, and most activist groups, and many generally engaged citizen. We are therefore proud to announce that ISBgroup this year will feature at this event. Our participation happens between 9-10AM on July 4, in Kinbergs plats 8, when we will give one of the introductory backgrounds as one member in the expert panel on research without test animals. (more info here) I, Gunnar, who will be the one participating, am looking much forward to this chance to visit this exciting event for the first time, to be able to attend many other interesting lectures, to meet and discuss with interesting, engaged, and influential people, and to be a part of some interesting on-stage discussions following my lecture.

If you are in Almedalen at the 2016 edition, come check us out! 🙂